“Looking For Quality Targeted Traffic
To Promote Affiliate Products And
Build Your Email List?”

I am NOT the CHEAPEST solo ad provider...

...because I do more for you

I Invite You To Run Your Next Affiliate Promotion With My Top Tier Email Traffic...  And I'll Even Guarantee It!

My name is George Pauli and I help all marketers get quality traffic through targeted solo ads.

How did I end up selling traffic through solo ads?

I have been marketing for years and have bought lots of online products and programs. Most of these I have just wasted my money because I was promised something and nobody delivered. 

This happened over and over.

I realized without good targeted traffic I could not sell anything, which is what happened, no sales!

Then I paid someone to build a list for me and that was an entire waste of time and waste of money.

I had forked out thousands and never made my money back.

After years of this crazy cycle of spending money and not making anything I focused on why and how to fix it.

I found some great people who are masters, literally wrote the book on email marketing, and I went to work.

Now I understand the power of traffic and I am sharing my expertise with you so you can get the right clicks to the right people.

Here is how it will work for you:

  • I'll get your landing page URL
  • I'll write an email swipe (aka creative) to promote your landing pageI'll load this email swipe into my autoresponder and send it out to my email subscribers who are interested in similar products.
  • I’ll guarantee you’ll receive real visitors to your landing page link or I don’t want your money!

Traffic and Service Features:

  • Top tier percentages
  • Delivery time frames
  • Traffic cleanliness
  • Tracking report provided at the end of campaign
  • Click guarantee
  • Free email swipe
  • Over delivery
  • First buyer discount

Benefits of Solo Ads:

Why solo ads beat free traffic methods

Let's face it:

When it comes to marketing online, the name of the game is generating quality traffic and building your list.

Now, the vast majority of online business owners and digital marketers more often than not struggle with this part.

They usually spend a lot of time in free traffic generation methods that rarely work or take too long.

That's why solo ads are probably one of the fastest and most powerful ways to generate hot, targeted traffic.

You don't have to wait weeks or months to build your list.

You can start today without wasting time.

Why PPC will burn a hole in your pocket

For some, Pay Per Click marketing is the holy grail of traffic.

Well, we can't deny the fact that any paid traffic method is indeed effective, but here's the thing...

PPC will cost you an arm and a leg!

Yes, click prices are going through the roof, and unless you have a Godzilla-like budget, there's no way to make it work for you.

Besides, Facebook or Google will cause you headaches with so many compliance policies in place, making it impossible to promote other people's offers.

The solution?

Focus on what really works...

Solo ads!

Why are you losing your shirt with PPC when you can rent a solo ads vendor's list for a super low fee per click?

Who solo ads would work best for

  • Marketers who have a bit of budget. Got a couple of hundred dollars? That’s enough to do some basic testing with solo ads.
  • If you’re in a niche where pay-per-click prices are through the roof. In this case, your cost per click from solo ads may be so much less than what you’d get on AdWords or Bing that solo ads are worth a test.
  • If you’re in a niche that’s completely oversaturated with content (like affiliate marketing or weight loss).
  • If you’re in a niche with intense competition for search engine traffic.
  • If you’re about to launch a product, or if you need traffic sent to a page quickly. You’ve got no time to write guest posts, build an audience, or do anything that takes more than a few days to see results.
Do The Math

This is the deal to make the decision about whether to use a solo ad or not. Here’s how the math might look...

Traffic method

Cost / Click

Cost / Sale


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Feature 2

Email List

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Feature 3

Targeted Solo Ad

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Feature 4

Hi, I'm George

I have been selling stuff since I was 8 years old including cutting grass, shoveling snow, etc. After a BS in engineering I started a t-shirt business and marketed to be #1 on the search engines quickly. 

I realized to work smart not hard and earn money that is recession proof. Also I want my income to be unlimited and on autopilot. 

I have worked with top industry pro's in marketing, sales, funnels, email lists, YouTube, Facebook and more.

George Pauli

Drive Traffic To Your Offer Now

George is a real professional!

I was in a hurry to promote an offer that had a short expiration date! George responded really quickly and delivered everything I asked for. I highly recommend his services, and we will do more business together again:)

Marketing, online business, entrepreneurship

Espen Markussen

George comes highly recommended

Working with George was a pleasure. I am a solo ads provider myself, so I know a good marketer in that field when I see one. His traffic is high percentage tier 1, which is what most of my clients look for, and his prices are hard to beat. If you are looking for high quality solo ads, George is your man. affiliate marketing and solo ads

Bill Barron

I've been working with George for about 8 years

George is very detailed, action-oriented and high on customer service. He has knowledge and experience building funnels, Facebook ads, capture pages, email automations and YouTube videos and channels. He's a fabulous guy to work with! Affiliate Marketing

Stan Tjaden

George has always been eager to help build business

George was instrumental in helping me to find customers and build my massage business

I'm glad I met him... He quickly figured out my style and went to work marketing my YT channel.

Easy, easy,easy! That’s the best way I can explain working with George. He does a great job editing my YouTube videos and picked up my vision quickly. He’s also experienced and helps to guide me through the working online learning curve. If you’re thinking about working with him, just do it. You won’t regret it! Kellee B

Kellee Bentzen

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Business Owner

When I first started my business I had no knowledge how to market or how to drive any outside business. George was kind enough to assist me and took over the beginning of a marketing campaign which helped get me off the ground. In addition to his professionalism I was most impressed with his follow up as it was important to him that we seen results I highly recommend George for any of your marketing needs! Martial arts instructor

Jimi clayton

I have known and worked with George for 12 years. He's dedicated, committed and effective, a pleasure to work with. George exemplifies the true meaning of entrepreneurial spirit. If you ever get the opportunity to do business with George you will be glad you did. Retired

Mitchell Newman
1000 Clicks

$0.71 per click on your link/landing page

  • Superior T1 Traffic
  • English Speaking Traffic
  • Trusted Real People
  • Over Delivery
  • Report is Filtered & Cleaned
500 Clicks

$0.78 per click on your link/landing page

  • Superior T1 Traffic
  • English Speaking Traffic
  • Trusted Real People
  • Over Delivery
  • Report is Filtered & Cleaned
250 Clicks

$0.81 per click on your link/landing page

  • Superior T1 Traffic
  • English Speaking Traffic
  • Trusted Real People
  • Over Delivery
  • Report is Filtered & Cleaned
200 Clicks

$0.89 per click on your link/landing page

  • Superior T1 Traffic
  • English Speaking Traffic
  • Trusted Real People
  • Over Delivery
  • Report is Filtered & Cleaned
100 Clicks

$0.93 per click on your link/landing page

  • Superior T1 Traffic
  • English Speaking Traffic
  • Trusted Real People
  • Over Delivery
  • Report is Filtered & Cleaned
2000+ clicks
Call for price

Special pricing for large quantities

  • Superior T1 Traffic
  • English Speaking Traffic
  • Trusted Real People
  • Over Delivery
  • Report is Filtered & Cleaned

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like my traffic, I'll make it right!


What Are Solo Ads ?

Solo ads are an advertising media with which you are basically renting an email list from a person (solo ad seller) with the main focus on driving traffic to your funnel/product’s landing page.

When buying a solo ad, targeting is everything. If you have a multi-level marketing business opportunity to promote, we will make sure it’s a good fit with the traffic list so it's targeted properly. You definitely don’t want to promote a weight loss niche/category product to people interested in Internet Marketing. 

Solo advertising can be very profitable if done right. Cost per click/CPC can be quite inexpensive compared to pay-per-click/PPC sources such as FB Ads and Google Ads.

Old-school PPC on the other hand is a better option if you have very specific needs, and you’re willing to shell out more money (since the cost per click will usually be in the $4–12 range). With solo ads, it’s always a better idea to drive traffic to a landing page and collect visitors’ emails than straight to the product.

There are many reasons for it. Breaking even on your ad spend should be your first priority. If you have a sales funnel in place, your strategy should be to break even as soon as possible. If you collect emails, you’ll have a way to contact the subscriber again (till they unsubscribe), and you can send them email followup emails for as long as you want (via an autoresponder).

If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend starting small with a smaller campaign (50–200 clicks). Gradually scale up once you have a proven strategy in place. It’s only advisable to buy larger traffic packages once you have a proven sales funnel and an offer in place.

With the smaller ad campaigns, you can try out different strategies, find the one that works best for you, and make gradual improvements in your funnels (and marketing strategies). Also, be sure to track all your ongoing campaigns with a link tracker.

Will I Get Sales?

I don't guarantee sales, and nobody should guarantee you sales, if they do run! ...

...However I can guarantee one thing that you will get fresh, high-quality source of leads who may have previously bought that is well known for the sales it scored with previous traffic campaigns. Which will help you increase your chances of sales.

What Are Your Guarantees?

  • My guarantee is you will get real people clicking on your link. 
  • I guarantee you will get all the clicks you paid for (usually 10% more clicks)
  • I guarantee the traffic generation report will be accurate

Who Provides The Email Swipe?

The email swipe is the actual email or creative that gets emailed to the list(s). 

My team and I will provide the email so it is congruent with the style of writing they are used to

...If you have a creative you want used, we will look at it and collaborate on the final email creative to be delivered.

Drive Traffic To Your Offer Now