Affiliate Marketing Training: How Much Do You Want To Earn?

The Affiliate Marketing Making Money Mindset

Little did I know that I was made out to be an affiliate marketer and I was going to be able to decide how much money I was going to make.

Since I was a kid I always was out to make some money and I knew exactly how much money I wanted to make. I had my eyes set on toys candy bicycle stuff everything you can possibly imagine. 

What's in the video

Affiliate marketing training calculations

Now that I am an affiliate marketer and I currently promoting products and services, I want to know how much money I am going to make before I even get started. This is the part that keeps me awake at night... the dream of my future lifestyle. Now it's time for some affiliate marketing training with numbers and calculations!

Paying my bills. We all have bills car payment mortgage utilities all kinds of stuff food etc. A lot of these cost just don’t go away and we either get a job and we work for somebody or we decide to work on our own and that’s exactly what I did.

So let’s dive right into this. Download this Google sheets and you can work along with me as I go through a quick training on how affiliate marketing can help you reach your monthly income goal.

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The YouTube video can be played to follow along with the list of steps below.

The calculations will update automatically. You can put in your own numbers and use this yourself.

You can download this spreadsheet here.

List of Steps

step 1

Calculating your bills

Figure out and wright down what your bills are. You may have a car payment, you may have rent or mortgage you may have other things that you may want your business to pay for. If you can write all those down with numbers and then I’ll add those all up and that would be your monthly income goal.

step 2

The affiliate marketing vehicles that will actually make you money

When I say vehicle, those are the affiliate products that you will be marketing. An example would be a 301K program, Click Bank, some high ticket, coaching, etc. etc.

Each of these vehicles will have a commission dollar amount to it. The spreadsheet shows an illustration 301K is $497.

Make a list of the different offers of the different vehicles that will be making you money in your online business. 

Next you will want to come and take a guesstimate of how many sales per month. Let’s just say that you would like to make, and again the illustration shows $497 two sales and that income equals $994.

Continue this calculation for each additional offers or sales that you want to make.

step 3

Expenses for internet marketers

Every business has expenses. some expenses are just one time, and other expenses are monthly.

Focusing on just monthly expenses, the spreadsheet shows your funnel/website here at $97 auto responder $15, writing services 500, and anything else that you can think of.

So write down or fill out the spreadsheet on what you have to pay for on a monthly basis and assign a dollar amount to it.

Add it all up in there you have your total monthly expenses to run your business.

step 4

Calculating your income goal

This is when we make the calculation to see if the income you desire meets your expenses.

Take your total monthly income from step number two and subtract step number three and then you will get a dollar amount. 

If the dollar amount is negative that means your expenses are more than your income. It’s time to either cut expenses or to increase your income.

I always choose to increase my income that is the easiest way to make this business lifestyle exactly how I want it.

If you’re using the spreadsheet from the Google Docs here’s the link, you can change the numbers in your promotions/sales and adjust the calculation so your business is profitable.

step 5

Did you achieve your monthly income goal?

Step four showed us whether our business was profitable or not.

Calculating your goal would be taking the amount of money that you wanted to make from step number one and comparing that to your business income minus the expenses which is step number four.

If this number is positive then you know that you hit your goal plus you have a little extra.

The YouTube video illustrates where I did not hit my goal and I changed some numbers and saw the dynamic spreadsheet re-calculate my numbers. As I changed number of sales you can see the dollar amounts change.

Keep in mind every business starts out at zero. It takes time to build a real authentic business that can pay you passive income working at home online. Or anywhere in the world that you choose to work from.


Affiliate Marketing Training calculation resources

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