How Solo Ads Provide The Best Form Of Traffic

Quality traffic, more opt-ins, and faster sales

Everybody says they want more quality traffic and faster sign-ups to their offer so they can sell their products right now. We live in a society where we expect our fast food orders to be quick, we don't want to wait on hold when talking to customer support. Most of all waiting for an email to come through and a deposit to hit our bank account.

Faster sales means more money quicker. The economy is changing, as an affiliate marketer we want the benefits of the lifestyle. Most people have heard of the "Laptop Lifestyle" where we can work from anywhere and our earnings are unlimited.

Our dreams and imagination give us the drive to get up every day and do the same thing... promote products, services, and educational courses so the world can become a better place. Online learning is booming, YouTube is a great example of finding a "how to garden" video and much more.

Solo Ads help to get your offer in front of customers

Most people would agree there are many ways to get your product and offer to the market...

Some popular ways of getting traffic is with Facebook ads, Facebook Organic, YouTube ads, Google, Bing, cpc, banner ads, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, Blogs, SEO, and more.

Almost every affiliate marketer has tried some sort of traffic method including me. I am selling Solo Ads here.

Email marketing

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I started with Clickfunnels and Russell Brunson's book "Traffic Secrets" where he says the book has to be written teaching concepts not necessarily methods because by the time this book is published the internet will have changed.

All forms of advertising has gotten so expensive the cost per conversion (CPC) is getting so high if you're not well funded it will be difficult to get your business off the ground. After spending hundreds or even thousands on a coaching course to promote an affiliate offer, most people don't have much money left to run ads.

Next problem is compliance with the platform you are advertising on. Facebook tells you what you can't do vaguely and when you cross the line Facebook will close your ad account without any explanation. This is a real kick in the gut!

Are Solo Ads the best source of traffic?

I've gone through Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube, and much more. When I was new at affiliate marketing I found is my opt-in and sales were less than what the guru's were showing off on screen shots. I followed what they said and when I wasn't getting the sales there was another course I had to buy.

Internet sales

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I admit I have gone down the rabbit hole to learn how to place ads, learn how to blog, which I'm doing right now, and write copy. After years and years I was always behind the income curve and struggled to get my numbers where I wanted them.

If I was going to have some success as an affiliate marketer something had to change...

Solo Ads average 40% opt-in rates!

I finally discovered solo ads just by chance. The solo ads were always right in front of my face but I just didn't see it. The concept was simple and a no-brainer.

A solo ad is where you pay a solo ad provider to run your offer or affiliate link to their email list. Good news here is you don't have to write any emails. You don't need a list because the solo ads provider is using their list.

Your affiliate link could be a Clickbank offer, a custom landing page you built, or just running someone else's offer like the popular Igor Kheifets 301K challenge. The elimination of stress having to write and test over and over and over is finally gone. It's all truly "done for you"

My personal experience on solo ads is right around 40% opt-in rate. So as you build your list, and everyone knows the money is in the list, this is a cost effective way to get subscribers who are interested in your products and offers. In the past I was lucky to get 2% opt-in rates when I was doing everything myself... this is a huge improvement!

If you would like to market with solo ads you can get them here.

Solo ads do not guarantee sales, in reality they don't promise anything except that interested people will click your link. Running ads on other platforms don't even guarantee someone will click, so with solo ads it's really a win in my opinion.

The cost of a good solo ad will be about $1.00 each click on your link. Most experienced marketers are finding out that the cost of a click on other platforms like Facebook are way more expensive. The chart below is a snapshot from Getresponse.

Solo Ad Getresponse Chart

Getresponse blog solo ad cost comparison chart

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